The Forest & The Branches

It's easy to get stuck in the monotonous slog of the present.

It's easy to lose awareness, and to let each week slip by without thought.

It's easy to stop being intentional about how we live our lives.

Most likely, all the other websites and apps that you use today will only increase your tendency to lose context. They'll keep you focused on a view of the branches right around you.

Entire.Life will lift you above it all, and show you a view of the whole forest. The whole, beautiful forest of your life.

Take a Tour

section of a life chart showing ages 20 to 30, with a kissy emoji and a bride emoji showing

Track Meaning

Your life tells a story. Use Entire.Life to track the plot twists that have lead to where you are. You can add as little or as much detail as you want—even using Entire.Life as a journal!

a goal to pay of student loans by a date that's now in the past, with buttons to mark complete, snooze, or delete it

Plan Ahead

Add plans for next week, next year, or even your hundredth birthday! Once the date of a plan has passed by, you can mark it as completed, snooze it until next week, or just forget all about it.

a spoon

Stay Motivated

If you had a diamond for each week of your life, the whole lot of them would fill one spoonful. Entire.Life helps keep you in a zoomed-out view of your life. It's natural to feel some angst about that at first, but once we get past our fear of being tiny, seeing our diamonds for how vanishing and finite they are can help to motivate and free us.

How it works

Most websites and apps keep us focused on right now, or maybe this week:

a gift, labelled This week! The present!

There's nothing wrong with the present! It's a great place to be. But without context, the present can start to feel sorta drab:

a plain white box, labelled This week, I guess...

That's because, no matter how awesome our lives look from far away, our actual day-in, day-out activities can often seem like a monotonous slog.

So let's look from farther away

Entire.Life doesn't just give you the present. It also gives you your entire past, back to the day you were born.

a row of dots, fading out to the left, with This Week! The Present! on the far right

And instead of just adding thoughts and events about the present, you can add events for any of your past weeks.

Entire.Life event creation form, with the event Made My First Sale being added

With all of that historic context, the present can start to feel like a gift again. We can remember how hard we worked to get where we're at, and spot plot arcs and foreshadowing that give us a sense of purpose.

Entire.Life chart filled in, with different romantic events showing

But that's not all

Entire.Life also shows your whole unwritten future.

a row dark dots, fading out to the left, with This Week! The Present! in the middle, and then light dots after, fading out to the right

You can add plans to any future date. Once the date passes by, you can mark it as complete, snooze until next week, or forget about it forever.

a Finish Writing Book plan now in the past, with options to mark done, snooze, or delete

But you can even add farther-future events.

Entire.Life's week detail view showing a plan: Eligible For Social Security

Just as reflecting on the past can give us a sense of gratitude, reflecting on the future can give us a sense of urgency.

Entire.Life thanks Tim Urban at Wait But Why,  for inventing the idea of the life chart, and Brittany Forks, who first put emojis on one.